Chase's Shapeshifting Powers

Chase has the power to change his own form or the forms of others using his magic abilities. For the most part his magic follows the general guidelines of magic in his world. However, because the source of his power comes from his chrysolite pendant, there are some distinguishing characteristics of his transformation magic.

Chase relies on a set of conditions to be met in order to use his magic. First of all, he has to be in possession of his chrysolite pendant. The runed artifact acts as the source of his power. He usually hides it underneath his shirt for safekeeping. Second, he must be in an animate state. Without the ability to move, he is incapable of tapping into his life force.

Chase's pendant is bound to his life force. This means that even if someone takes it, they are not able to use the power held within it. However, this does allow anyone else to manipulate Chase's shapeshifting qualities. The chrysolite pendant reacts to the life force of the wielder and gives them the abilities to transform Chase merely by willing it or wanting him to become something else. This does have the potential to drain his magic power, so it can do great damage to him if placed in the wrong hands.

Chase's life force reserves give him mana for 10 charges of magic abilities. A simple shapeshift costs him 1 charge. These simple shapeshifts require him to maintain his coloration and markings when changing form. He can then continue to change form at will. Chase can also fire blasts of his magic energy for 1 charge. The energy can come out in a variety of ways, but he usually prefers to fire it off in a zap or in the form of his patented Ha-dook-en energy blast. This works in a similar manner to his simple shapeshift ability: The recipient of the blast is transformed into a shape of his choosing.

For 2 charges, he can do a simple shapeshift while merging the pendant with his body. This makes him capable of concealing the presence of the relic in forms which would not normally make this possible. For 3 charges, he can do a complex shapeshift. These transformations do not require him to keep his coloration or markings. The only restrictions to these forms are that the pendant must be merged with and bound to his form and he must display the pendant's rune somewhere on his body. Primarily, it is placed squarely on his back or on the back of his hands.

For 5 charges, Chase can take his chimera form. His chimera form is an amalgamation of various other creatures which include dragon, deer, rabbit, falcon, and skunk. This highly integrated form does grant him the most useful abilities of each creature he consists of. The amount of magic energy put into this form also allows him to do simple, 1-mana shapeshifts for free until his body tires out. However, Chase is generally bashful about taking this form and prefers not to use it unless absolutely necessary.

As a side note no matter what form he takes through his shapeshifting abilities, his clothes change form with him. They are all laced with SmartThread, an invention created by Malichi specifically for Chase. SmartThread is capable of detecting the use of his magic and changing shape to fit his new form. He can also use a charge of his magic to change his clothes into any other type of clothing he wants. However, transformations or changes in his body made outside the use of his magic will have no effect on his clothing.