Cait Sith

Name: Cait Sith
Pronunciation: Cat Sith
Scientific Name: Felis caitsidha
Race: Aspect
Height: 3.5-4.25' (1-1.2 m)
Associated Elements: Nature Light Dark

Etymology: From the draicinni language cait sidhe meaning "cat faerie".

Characteristics: Cait Siths are nearly indistinguishable from black cat Anthros. The main difference, however, is the prominent patch of white fur on their chest. Aside from that, they also bear light colored noses and ears.

Abilities: Prior to the Great Cataclysm, all cait siths drew their power from their matron deity, Maita. Generally, this gave them shapeshifting capabilities. The most known of these abilities was the power to turn into a feral-like cat. Outside of their shapeshifting magic, they were natural wizards in either the dark or light arts. Those who studied dark magic were known as witches and those who studied light magic were wiccans. In the Post-Cataclysmic Era, they maintained their witch and wiccan traditions, including learning the magics of their ancestors. Those talented enough could still be taught to transform into feral-like cats.

Habitat: Most cat siths prefer living in the countryside in small villages. Others kept deep in the forests to practice their rituals.

Behavior: Cait siths primarily stick together. They often form covens together in small villages and practice their magic. Wiccans and witches do not intermingle with each other, and it is often frowned upon even to learn the magics of the other group. Since they all worship the same goddess, they do not aggressively attack each other nevertheless. At best wiccan and witch covens become tenuous allies. Wiccan covens are led by a High Priest and Priestess while witch covens are led by the Great Brother and Sister. Most covens are run democratically, nevertheless, with the respective leaders acting as arbitrators and ritual coordinators. Modern day cait siths don't all stay in covens; they are more commonly integrated with the rest of society. Regardless of their status, most of them dabble in wiccan rituals or witchcraft on the side as a hobby.

Diet: Cait siths do not have a diet different from any other Anthro. Nevertheless, their heritage usually drives them to eat more natural or organic foods.

Language: Before the creation of the Common language, most cait siths spoke a variety of languages. The most used language was that of the draicinni, similar to the Earth language of Old Irish.