Name: Dracamma
Other Names: Fire Dragon
Pronunciation: drah-CAHM-muh
Scientific Name: Draco ignis
Race: Draconic
Height: 3.5-4.5' (1-1.3 m)
Associated Elements: Fire

Etymology: From Dracammarum, draco meaning "dragon" and flamma meaning "flame".

Characteristics: Dracammas have fiery red scales across their body. Along their front they have large, thick orange scales that act like plated armor, protecting their necks and vital organs. Two horns sprout outward from the back of their heads and a third smaller horn sits in the middle of their rounded snouts. All dracammas have hair but only on their heads and always of a dark color. Their tails are long with rough spikes lining the tops of them. On their backs are a pair of thin dragon wings, capable of flight (though only through magic as they are too heavy to fly alone.) Their wingspans can reach nearly the height of their bodies. The average lifespan of a dracamma is over 300 years.

Abilities: All dracammas are capable of breathing fire and using various fire magics. The most talented dracammas are capable of producing magma either magically or within their bodies and firing them like cannonballs. They also have a tolerance for extreme temperatures. On one end of the spectrum, they can ignite themselves without being damaged. On the other end, their internal fire magic can keep their bodies warm in frigid conditions. Outside of their fiery abilities, dracammas are strong and make exceptional warriors and hunters.

Habitat: Dracammas tend to live in hot areas. Volcanic regions are a common home for dracammas as well as arid regions like deserts or low in the mountains where it does not get too cold.

Behavior: Dracammas are proud warriors, and they have built their society around this strength for thousands of years. They are very warlike, almost Spartan in nature. Even in modern times, young dracammas are at least taught how to wield a weapon. Those who do not accept their warrior ways are banished from their villages and cities. Villages are run by a Warchief with laws and judicial decisions made by a Council of Elders. Individually, dracammas tend to be reactionary and emotional. They are also trained in ways to keep their feelings under control as they grow up.

Diet: Dracammas are omnivorous with a preference for meat. However, they also farm milk and cheese from captured ferals and eat vegetables imported from other nations as well. Dracammas are also petravores, capable of eating and absorbing minerals from rocks. This characteristic is particularly useful for some dracammas who do not live in areas where food is readily available.

Language: Early in their history, dracammas spoke Latin. This eventually changed into the modern day language known as Dracammarum. As with most races in Casarok, they also speak Common.