Name: Kitsune
Pronunciation: KEY-tsoo-nay
Scientific Name: Vulpes kitsune
Race: Aspect
Height: 3.5-4' (1.1-1.2 m)
Associated Elements: Light Space Spirit

Etymology: From an old Eastern language. Origins come from the word for "fox".

Characteristics: Kitsunes are akin in appearance to red foxes, bearing a range of fur colors from red to orange. They have much the same markings as Anthro foxes: white or light-colored fronts and darker hued ears, forearms, and legs. Two key differences separate them from Anthro red foxes, however. The first, and most obvious, is the number of tails they sport. A kitsune can have anywhere from one to nine tails, depending on the time period and their level of power. The second characteristic that sets them apart from foxes is their eyes. Kitsune irises glow in the color of their aura. The intensity of the glow is based on their level of power.

Abilities: Kitsunes are capable of wielding a wide variety of magics. In addition to the powers of life and creation they gain from their matron deity, they are able to utilize light, space, and spirit magics. Some kitsunes are also known to expand on their abilities and delve into the powers of possession and transformation. These magical abilities are known in some circles as the Seven Powers of the Kitsune. It is rare for one kitsune to master all seven. Prior to the Great Cataclysm, kitsunes had the opportunity to attain immortality.

Habitat: Kitsunes live in a variety of places, though they typically congregate in Eastern Casarok.

Behavior: Being the avatars of a light goddess, most kitsunes are benevolent creatures. Some of them can be good almost to a fault. The more malevolent ones tend to be mischievous and use their magics to cause varying amounts of trouble. When they are immortal, they tend not to show any fear in battle even when they are often outnumbered.

History: Kitsune history can be broken into three time periods, each separated by major events in the hsitory of Casarok. In the first time period, kitsunes were at their most powerful. All kitsunes had nine tails and true immortality such that they were incapable of dying. The rules changed, however, after the Kitsune Crusades. The Crusades was a time in early Casarokan history when groups of benevolent kitsunes went around fighting the followers of Ragnarok, the god of death. They desecrated and destroyed many of the temples dedicated to Ragnarok in the process. As a result of the conflict and destruction, Ragnarok wanted to destroy all kitsunes in the world. Instead, due to arbitration between Ragnarok and Mother -- the goddess of life and matron deity of the kitsunes -- the rules for kitsunes and their immortality were changed. All kitsunes instead started with one tail and no immortality. Their tails and power would be granted back to them through a series of eight trials. Upon obtaining their ninth tail, they would gain immortality, though in an altered state. Their mortal forms could be slain and then remain as spirits for a period of time until they could restore their mortal body. This restoration was done through a "lantern", the spirit of a fallen Anthro, Aspect, or Draconic that stays with them as a source of power. If an immortal kitsune loses their lantern or has it destroyed, they can be slain permanently. These rules continued until after the Great Cataclysm. As a result of the Cataclysm, no kitsune could achieve immortality and they were born with a certain amount of tails that they maintained for the rest of their lives.

Diet: Kitsune tend to have a normal Anthro diet and don't really prefer one food over another, aside from personal preference.

Language: Kitsunes spoke a variety of languages native to eastern Casarok before the inception of the Common language.