Name: Injuja
Pronunciation: in-joo-JUH
Associated Elements: Depends on the user

Members of the injuja class are masters of the martial art known in as injujutsu, which roughly translates as the art of the ribbon. It is a practice that combines ribbon dancing, unarmed combat, and magic. Much of the history of this art is lost, but archaeologists have determined that its origin dates as far back as the Empirical Age. It is believed to have been developed by women dancers in eastern Casarok seeking a way to defend themselves properly from would be attackers, anthro or monster. It is taught primarily as a means of self-defense and to be non-lethal, though injujas have joined the ranks of mages in times of war.

The use of magic in injujutsu relies on a runed ribbon as the focus for spells. There are usually two runes on a ribbon, one on each end. The type of magic cast is dependent on the element of the rune inscribed on the end of the ribbon. When one end of the ribbon is whipped the rune on that end fires off its spell, usually at higher speeds than is capable without the use of the ribbon. It is possible to inscribe a third rune in the center of a ribbon, although this is usually reserved for wind or lightning magic. Wind runes are used to help strangle a victim with the ribbon and rob them of air faster. Lightning runes are used to help incapacitate a victim by shocking them.

The unarmed combat side of injutsu is along the lines of dance fighting arts. It teaches graceful movement in battle to dodge and weave around foes' attacks. Once the opponent is left open, the injuja can retaliate with a variety of kicks and punches. If the attacker utilizes a weapon or a magical focus of their own, the injuja can wrap their ribbon around an arm or the object in question to disarm the foe or follow-up with an attack.

Injujutsu is a popular martial art among people in eastern Casarok. Its influence made its way westward in the following ages, however. Although not quite as popular as other eastern martial arts like jujutsu or karate, injujutsu still has its followers throughout the world, even in modern times.