Name: Wiccan
Pronunciation: WICK-en
Associated Elements: Light Nature

The wiccan class often refers most to the healers that exist within wiccan society. However, the term can be applied to a list of categories for members of a wiccan coven in general. Regardless of the discipline studied by a wiccan, they tend to be pacifists. All wiccans only use their abilities in self-defense and especially do not tolerate using magic to harm another being. Sometimes they refuse to harm even at the cost of their own lives.

Energy Healer: Also known as wiccan clerics, or simply wiccans, they use natural remedies or rituals of the light to restore health or cure afflictions. They are not trained in offensive spellcasting, but they do have ways of unleashing natural energies at enemies in self-defense.

Dawnblade: Dawnblades are wiccan ritualists who take up arms using their special ritual knives called bolines. Bolines are curved daggers with white handles usually inscribed with ritual runes. These ritual daggers are used to call upon their magic. Dawnblades use light magic to stun or blind, boost their own power, or escape their adversaries. Dawnblades are usually the first line of defense in wiccan covens.

Shapeshifter: Shapeshifting magic is based on the power provided to wiccans by the deity Maita. They use the power of nature to turn into various ferals and feral-like creatures. The most common form for wiccan shapeshifters to take is that of a primordial white tiger. The white tiger form is primarily used for defensive purposes.