Name: Witch
Pronunciation: Witch
Associated Elements: Dark Nature

The witch class often refers most to the users of curses that exist within witch society. However, the term can be applied to a list of categories for members of a witch coven in general. Regardless of the discipline studied by a witch, they do not seek trouble and resolve to be reclusive and keep to the dark. Witches aren't shy about using their power against others and can be taught to turn on transgressors.

Hexer: Also known as witch sorcerers and sorceresses, or just witches, they call upon the power of their dark rituals to cast curses on their foes. These curses can weaken enemies, change their form, or do various other wicked things to the afflicted. Some witches are trained in the use of dark and natural magics in general and can use these powers for direct damage. Nevertheless, true dark wizard are less common among witches than the pure hexers.

Nightblade: Nightblades are witch ritualists who fight using special ritual knives known as athames. Athames are straight-edge daggers with black handles usually inscribed with dark runes. The ritual daggers are used to fight as well as call upon their magic. Nightblades are infamous for their use of illusory magics to deceive their opponents. They can confuse opponents and hide or vanish in the shadows. Their ritual magic can also be used to absorb health or mana from their opponents as well.

Shapeshifter: Shapeshifting magic is based on the power provided to witches by the deity Maita. They use the power of nature to turn into various ferals and feral-like creatures. The most common form for witch shapeshifters to take is that of a primordial black panther. The black panther form is primarily used when attacking a foe.